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Update the app list

You can update the app list to make sure that you have the latest information about
Windows 10
, and
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps in the apps list.
If you have configured
BlackBerry UEM
to support
Android Enterprise
devices, you can also update app information for
apps. If you added
apps before you configured support for
Android Enterprise
or if app permissions have changed, you must update the app information to make them available on
Android Enterprise
devices. This also applies if you make any changes to your
Android Enterprise
If you have not configured support for
Android Enterprise
, information about
Google Play
apps must be updated manually. Updating the app information does not mean that the app is updated on a user’s device. Users receive update notifications for their work apps in the same way that they receive update notifications for their personal apps.
If you configured your
VPP account to automatically update the app information for
apps, you must update the apps in the app list.
  1. On the menu bar, click
  2. Click The Update all apps icon.