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Enabling log file compression

You can compress the log files that are generated and saved in the default log folder or folder you specified during the installation of
. Currently, log files are generated and rotated once a day at midnight, when the server is restarted, or at the specified size you set. By default, the logs rotate at 100 MB. For more information on how to change the size when log files rotate, visit to read article 59146. When a log file exceeds the default or set size, it is compressed immediately and saved to the appropriate log file folder. If you require the logs to be compressed at a later time, you can specify a delay to a maximum of 1440 minutes (24 hours). By default, log file compression is disabled.
Consider the following scenario: You enable log compression with a delayed compression time of 360 minutes (six hours).
  • At midnight, log file A rotates, but is not compressed. The delayed compression timer initiates. Log file A is scheduled to compress at 6 am. A new log file B starts to generate.
  • You restart the
    service at 9 am. Log file B is rotated and the delay compression timer initiates. A new log file C starts to generate.
    verifies if the previous log file A has a last modified time of six hours. Since log file A is already compressed, no action from
    . is required.