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API Tools

The following is information about some REST and JSON tools that might help you when using the User APIs.
supports User API resources, including helping users troubleshoot User API requests.
does not write or train users on how to create scripts or code (like using Python).
REST clients
Although the intent of the User API is to facilitate easy integration of
and other systems through the organization's developed code, using or testing the User API doesn't require any specific programming knowledge. Free tools are available for download that allow you to make ad hoc REST requests to the User API. Some examples are:
  • Fiddler: Free web debugging proxy. Also has an easy-to-use composer and replay features for HTTP requests.
  • Postman: Google Chrome browser extension designed for testing REST APIs. There are also native Windows, macOS, and Linux clients available.
JSON validators
User API requests and responses use JSON for the body payload. If the body used in the request doesn't conform to proper JSON formatting, it will result in an HTTP response of 400 - Bad Request. To ensure that your JSON is properly formatted, use one of these free, popular tools:
  • JSON Formatter and Validator: Online, simple interface with options to define and transform the output according to the desired level of white space. Provides highlights and informative descriptions of errors.
  • Notepad++: Freeware text editor. Supports a wide variety of plug-in extensions, including various JSON formatting and validation tools (like JSTool and JSON Viewer).