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What's new in Workday Sync Module – September 29 2021

Configurable timeout parameters
: The TokenRequestTimeout and WorkerDataRequestTimeout parameters were added to the WorkdayIWS.config file. The TokenRequestTimeout parameter sets the timeout for the access request token. The WorkerDataRequestTimeout parameter sets the timeout for the worker data request. Previously, the timeout values were 60 seconds. Now, these timeout values can be configured. – August 2020

  • Date format support
    : Support for all date formats present in
    BlackBerry AtHoc
    without case-sensitivity was added.
  • Escape character handling
    : Documented handling of escape characters (&,<,>,",') if present in the WDURL.
  • Information and error logging
    : Information and error logging during execution of the Workday Sync module was improved.
  • International characters
    : Support for international characters was added.
  • REST API request retries
    : Retries for failed REST API requests was implemented with a maximum of 3 attempts.
  • Security level support
    : Support for the following security levels was added: SSL3, TLS1.0, TLS1.1, and TLS1.2.
  • Workday Report Service URL JSON link
    : Support for the Workday Report Service URL JSON link was added.