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New in Release 2.11

The following section describes new and changed features in
release 2.11.
  • TTS Config tab with slider controls added to CapCon console
    :  A TTS Config tab with slider controls for volume, words per minute, pitch, and range was added. When a control is adjusted, clicking Apply updates the system_private.config file with the updated settings and restarts the CapCon service.
  • Task tray right-click functions for CapCon console
    : The following right-click functions were added to the task tray icon for the CapCon console:
    • Hide Console: Hides the CapCon console.
    • Show Console: Displays the CapCon console.
    • Restart Service: Restarts the CapCon service.
    • Quit Console: Closes the CapCon console.
    • Stop All: Closes the CapCon console and stops the CapCon service.
    • Restart GUI: Restarts the CapCon console and the system tray icon.
    • Restart All: Restarts the CapCon console, the system tray icon, and the CapCon service.
    • Logs: Opens a list of log files in Capnode. Click to open a specific log file.
    • Configs: Opens a list of configuration and .prop files. Click to open a specific configuration or .prop file.