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Resolve response codes

The following table lists response codes and how to resolve them:
Response code
Steps to resolve
Bad Request
Check that the payload and its format are correct. Check for validation errors and take necessary actions to correct the payload.
Make sure that the access token is present, correct, and not expired. 
  • The operator does not have sufficient operator permissions to execute the request. Log in to the 
    BlackBerry AtHoc
     management system to modify the roles for the operator.
  • The password used is changed or expired. Generate a new authentication token. 
Not Found
The resources you are trying to find are not present in the system. Pass valid parameters.
Too Many Requests
There is a restriction on the number of API calls allowed. Try the service again. If you continue to see this response code, contact your administrator and request that the API throttling limit be increased to allow the client to perform more requests.
Internal Server Error
Report this error to 
BlackBerry AtHoc
 customer support at
Service Unavailable
The server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overload or scheduled maintenance. Wait and try again.