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Auditing authentication requests

BlackBerry 2FA
BlackBerry 2FA
 server records each authentication request that it makes in an audit log file when the request expires. The audit log file includes the following information about each request:
  • Date
  • Time
  • Transaction ID 
  • Client name
  • Client IP address
  • Username
  • Authentication option
  • BlackBerry 10
     devices assigned to the user
  • Third-party devices assigned to the user
  • BlackBerry
     OS devices assigned to the user
  • Device that responded to the authentication request
  • Time (in seconds) it took to complete the authentication request
  • Result of the request
For example:
2015-11-05,13:27:17.822,50dbe1cc,radtest,,caperez,ENTERPRISE_PW,[BESNameOne:BB10:2fff369:OK],[BES12-TEST:THIRDPARTY: 1fdf6d37-4f21-4516-b43f-c90be83f646c:OK],[BESNameOne:BBOS:2fff367:OK],[BBOS:2fff367],6.742,AUTH_SUCCEEDED
The audit log file is a comma-delimited file that you can open in any software that supports CSV. It is named bb2fa-audit.log and is stored in 
BlackBerry UEM
For information about 
BlackBerry UEM
 logging, see the 
BlackBerry UEM
 administration content