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Configure the
BlackBerry UEM Client
to support app-based certificates

This task is required only if you use your organization's app-based PKI solution with
devices and the PKI app is not a
BlackBerry Dynamics
  1. In the
    BlackBerry UEM
    management console, on the menu bar click
  2. In the app list, select
    BlackBerry UEM Client
  3. In the App configuration section, click +.
  4. In the
    App name
    field, type a name for the app.
  5. In the
    UTI schemes
    field, specify the UTI schemes for your organization's app-based PKI solution. For example, if you are using the
    app use the following schemes:
  6. Click
  7. Assign the
    BlackBerry UEM Client
    with the app configuration that you created to the users and devices you want to use the app-based PKI solution.