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Add a client certificate to a user credential profile

You can upload certificates for individual users to a user credential profile. Users can also upload their certificate to the user credential profile using
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
. Uploading certificates to user credential profiles is supported for
devices and for
Android Enterprise
The client certificate must have a .pfx or .p12 file name extension. If you or a user uploads a new certificate to the user credential profile, it replaces the existing certificate on the users devices.
  1. On the menu bar, click
    Users > Managed devices
  2. Search for a user account.
  3. In the search results, click the name of a user account.
  4. In the
    IT policy and profiles
    section, beside the user credential profile, click
    Add a certificate
  5. Click
    to locate the certificate file.
  6. Type the password for the certificate. For
    devices, the password is required. For
    devices, you do not have to provide the password in
    BlackBerry UEM
    if the device is running the latest version of
    BlackBerry UEM Client
    . If you don't specify the password, the user must enter the device password.
  7. Click