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Replace or delete the user credential certificates for certificate-based authentication

When you replace the user credential certificates (for example, when the certificate expires) that 
 administrators use to authenticate to the Dashboard, you replace the existing certificates (root or intermediate certificate chain) in the 
 database. You can upload a base64-encoded or binary-encoded file that includes one or more certificates. When you upload a single file that includes multiple certificates, the certificates are listed in the management console and can be deleted and replaced individually as required. 
You have access to updated root and intermediate certificates from the certificate authority (CA) in a base64-encoded or binary-encoded format and they are stored in a network location that you can access from the management console. 
  1. In the 
    BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server Dashboard
    , under 
    BEMS System Settings
    , click 
    BEMS Configuration
  2. Click 
    Dashboard Administrators
  3. In the 
    Certificate Information
     section, select the 
     checkbox beside each certificate that you want to delete. Click 
  4. Add the new certificate files as required. For instructions, see Add dashboard administrators.