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Upload the SSL certificate to the BEMS database

  • Make sure that the
    (Push Notifications) service is installed and configured in your environment.
  • If you upload the
    Microsoft Exchange Server
    certificate, export the SSL certificate from the
    Microsoft Exchange Server
    in a base64-encoded or binary-encoded  format and store it in a network location that you can access from the management console. For more information about digital certificates and encryption in
    Microsoft Exchange Server
    , visit
  1. In the
    BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server Dashboard
    , under
    BEMS System Settings
    , click
    BEMS Configuration
  2. Click
    Upload Trust Certificate
  3. Click
    Choose File
    and navigate to the location of the certificate file that you want to upload.
  4. Click
  5. If you upload individual SSL certificates, repeat steps 3 and 4 for each additional file.