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BEMS-Core database

You can access the BEMS-Core database screen in the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server Dashboard (BEMS System Settings > BEMS Database). It is prepopulated with the information that you entered during the BEMS software installation and requires a Microsoft SQL Server database that is available for BEMS. The information includes the SQL Server and database name, the authentication type used for BEMS to authenticate to the database, and any additional SQL properties that are required in your environment. By default, no changes are required on the Database Configuration screen. However, if you choose to make changes to the Database Configuration, consider the following:
  • You must restart the Good Technology Common Services service for BEMS to update any changes.
  • You can use the information to verify the database settings by clicking the Test button after you install the BEMS software. 
  • Important
    : If you use the database screen to update the SQL Server settings, and then upgrade your BEMS instance, the updated settings are reverted to the original settings that you specified during the BEMS installation. BlackBerry recommends that you update SQL Server settings using the Repair option in the Setup application. For more information on using the Repair mode, see 'BEMS setup application modes' in the BEMS Installation content'.