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Configure the password expiration warning message

Active Directory
users and user groups that use the PSO (Password Settings Object) method to set the maximum password age, you can configure
to allow users'
BlackBerry Work
apps to display a warning message when their
Active Directory
password is about to expire.
By default, this feature is disabled.
For information on displaying a warning message for users that use the GPO (Global Policy Object) method to set the maximum password age, see the
BlackBerry Work
administration content
  • Make sure that you have the following information:
    • Logon credentials for the service account that is used to authenticate to the domain controller.
    • LDAP server name and port number. The LDAP server name must be one of the Domain Controllers.
  • Verify that the service account has READ permissions to the "Password Settings Container". For instructions, see Add Read permission to the account used to authenticate to the LDAP server.
  • Verify that administrators use the PSO method to set the maximum password age for the users.
  • Verify that users in your environment are running
    BlackBerry Work
    3.8 or later.
  1. In the
    BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server Dashboard
    , under
    BlackBerry Configuration
    , click
  2. Click
    Password Expiry Settings
  3. Select the
    Enable LDAP Lookup
    checkbox to allow
    to query
    Active Directory
    for password expiry details for the users.
  4. In the
    LDAP Server Name
    field, type the name of the LDAP Server (for example, ldap.<
  5. In the
    LDAP Server Port
    field, type the port number of the LDAP server. By default, the port number is 389.
  6. Optionally, select the
    Enable SSL LDAP
    checkbox to tunnel data through an SSL-encrypted connection. If you enable SSL LDAP, the default port is to 636. This step requires you to import the LDAP certificate into the
    keystore. For instructions, see "Upload the Microsoft Exchange Server SSL certificate to the BEMS database" in the BEMS-Core configuration content.
  7. In the
    LDAP Base DN
    field, enter the base DN for the LDAP search. If this entry is not set,
    tries to find the base DN in the namingContexts attribute.
  8. Enter the LDAP Logon User Name and password. You can enter the username in the format
    or User Principal Name (UPN)
  9. Click
    to test the connection to the LDAP server.
  10. Click