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Enable the 
 service to use a global catalog

The instructions in this topic use the environment example.com to configure the 
 service to use a global catalog. If you installed the 
 service on multiple servers, complete this task on each computer that is running the 
  1. In a text editor, open the GoodConnectServer.exe.config file. By default, the file is located in 
    >:\Program Files\BlackBerry\BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server\Good Connect
  2. In the <appSettings> section of the file, locate the following values:
    • <addkey = "AD_USERS_SOURCE" value= "" /> 
    • <addkey = "AD_USERS_SOURCE_DOMAIN" value="" />
  3. Update the values as required for your environment. For example, to configure the 
     service to access 
    Active Directory
     domains outside of the local domain that the 
     is located in, complete the following steps:
    1. In the value double quotation marks of the <addkey = "AD_USERS_SOURCE" value= "" /> key, enter 
    2. In the value double quotation marks of the <addkey = "AD_USERS_SOURCE_DOMAIN" value="" /> key, enter 
       or the fully qualified domain name 
      . Make sure that you use the distinguished name of the domain. For more information, see Appendix: Understanding the BEMS-Connect configuration file.
      The following example shows the GoodConnectServer.config file configured to access a global catalog:
      . . <!-- valid values are: GC - Global Catalog; LDAP - Active Directory (default) --> <add key="AD_USERS_SOURCE" value="GC" /> <!-- valid values are: "DC=GOOD,DC=COM" - GC/AD at good.com (example only, change to your domain); No value attribute (default) - Domain the Good Connect resides; --> <add key="AD_USERS_SOURCE_DOMAIN" value="DC=EXAMPLE,DC=COM" /> . .
  4. In the 
     Manager, restart the 
    Good Technology Connect