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Deploying certificates to
BlackBerry Dynamics

You can use any of the following options to deploy certificates to
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps. Each method requires configuration in the management console. Coordinate with your organization's administrator to select and configure the desired option.
For more information
Personal Information Exchange files
CA certificate profile
See Sending CA certificates to devices and apps in the
UEM Administration Guide
User credential profile
SCEP profile
Shared certificate profile
See Sending the same client certificate to multiple devices in the
UEM Administration Guide
After certificates are distributed to a user's device, those certificates are shared and used by all of the
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps on the device. No additional programming is required by the app developer to support client certificates.
The management server and
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps also support the use of
for service authentication. For more information, see Using Kerberos in this section.
The SDK also provides a Crypto C language programming interface that allows an app to retrieve public key certificates that are stored in the
BlackBerry Dynamics
credentials store and use those certificates for signing and verification of messages and documents such as PDFs. Note that
BlackBerry Infrastructure
certificates cannot be retrieved from the store and that the private key will remain inaccessible. For more information, see the Crypto C Programming Interface appendix (Android/iOS) in the API reference.