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Adding the GDSafetyNet library to the app project

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android
version 5.0 and later includes a GDSafetyNet library. To support
Play Integrity
, you must add this library to the app project dependencies along with the main GDLibrary.
The GDSafetyNet library includes all of the client-side source code that is required to support
Play Integrity
. No additional app code is required. The GDSafetyNet library requires
Google Play
Services 11.0 or later to use device
Play Integrity
APIs. Verify that your
BlackBerry Dynamics
app is dependent on only a single version of
Google Play
If your app does not use
Google Play
Services, you can add the following to the build.gradle file:
implementation ('com.blackberry.blackberrydynamics:android_handheld_gd_safetynet:$DYNAMICS_SDK_VERSION')
If your app uses the
Google Play
Services, you can add the following to the build.gradle file (where xx.x.x is the specific play-services version):
implementation '' implementation '’ implementation("com.blackberry.blackberrydynamics:android_handheld_gd_safetynet:$DYNAMICS_SDK_VERSION") { transitive = false; }