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Add a watermark to the screens in a
BlackBerry Dynamics

To protect against data leakage, you can implement an app policy that adds a watermark to the screens in a
BlackBerry Dynamics
app. The watermark includes the user’s username and the current date and time. This watermark deters users from taking photos of potentially sensitive information, while also giving your organization a means to trace the source of a data leak.
To implement this feature, you must use
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
version 8.0 or later, and you must implement a
BlackBerry Dynamics
application policy in
to enable or disable the feature.
The watermark does not apply to views that appear outside of the interactive use of an application (for example, notifications and widgets). Review the data leakage protection settings available in the
BlackBerry Dynamics
profile to configure the necessary protections for sensitive information.
  1. Create a
    BlackBerry Dynamics
    app policy definition file for your app. For implementation details and more information about the file format and elements, see the Application Policies Definition appendix in the API Reference (Android/iOS) and the BlackBerry Dynamics App Policies Technical Brief.
  2. Add a setting definition for the DLP watermark policy. The name of the key must be
    and the default value should be
    <setting name=""> <checkbox> <key></key> <label>Enable DLP Watermark</label> <value>false</value> </checkbox> </setting>
  3. Include the DLP watermark policy setting in the structural section of the file. The pview elements must not include a key attribute.
    <pview> <pview type="tabbed"> <title>Data Leakage Prevention Watermark</title> <desc>Add a faint background watermark across all application screens with users 'username' and the current date/time.</desc> <pe ref="" /> </pview> </pview>
  4. Coordinate with the
    administrator to upload the app policy for your app in
    . See Manage settings for a BlackBerry Dynamics apps (App configuration > Upload a template).
administrator can now enable the DLP watermark feature.