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Emulators and the rooted OS compliance setting

If a compliance profile is configured to check for a rooted OS, and the profile or policy is applied to a
BlackBerry Dynamics
app that is running on a vanilla
emulator, the emulator will wipe the
BlackBerry Dynamics
app. The default behavior for the compliance setting is to wipe an app on a rooted device, and the emulator is considered a rooted device. Note that compliance actions related to
attestation and hardware certificate attestation will also consider an emulator to be compromised.
This default compliance behavior is best for production service but interferes with development testing.
Consider any of the following recommendations for a development environment:
  • Use enterprise simulation mode for basic operations on the emulator. This requires no setup in the management console. For more information, see Using enterprise simulation mode.
  • Use a new
    emulator configuration with minimum API Level 26 that includes a
    Google Play
    system image. This configuration is not considered a rooted device.
  • In the management console, configure and assign a new profile or policy set for development purposes, with the root detection setting disabled.