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What is the
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
provides a powerful set of tools that you can use to create secure productivity apps for a
BlackBerry UEM
domain. The SDK leverages the full capabilities of the secure
BlackBerry Dynamics
platform, so you can focus on building your apps rather than learning how to secure, deploy, and manage those apps.
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
is available for all major development platforms. It allows you to leverage many valuable services, including secure communication, securing data in file systems and databases, inter-app data exchange, presence, push, directory lookup, single sign-on authentication, identity and access management, and more.
This guide will provide:
  • Information about supported features
  • Development requirements and prerequisites
  • Instructions for installing, configuring, and using the SDK
  • Considerations for key platform features
  • Information about the sample apps provided with the SDK
  • Testing and troubleshooting guidance
  • Guidance for deploying your app
This guide is intended for intermediate and experienced developers with an understanding of how to create apps for the intended platform. It is not a basic tutorial.