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Enforcing local compliance actions

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
includes the following APIs that you can use to block or unblock a user’s access to the UI of a
BlackBerry Dynamics
app locally:
You can use these APIs to temporarily prevent access to an app under certain conditions. For example, if the user accesses a public
network that is not trusted, you can use GDAndroid.executeBlock to prevent access to the app until the user is on a trusted
network. While the app UI is blocked, the app’s network activity and container storage access is not affected.
You can use GDAndroid.executeBlock to display a message to the user that explains why access to the app has been blocked and how the user can restore compliance and unblock the UI.
The GDInteraction sample app has been updated to demonstrate the use of these APIs.
It is possible to circumvent a UI block if the user is able to restore a backup that was created before the block occurred. Take this condition into account when you develop and test your app.