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Log in to an app or a website

Log in using autofill

To use autofill, you must use the and autofill must be turned on in the settings. To log in to a website, you must use the browser. Autofill is available only on devices.
  1. On the login screen of an app or a website, do one of the following:
    • Tap the password field.
    • On a touch screen keyboard, touch and hold the
      key, or, on a physical keyboard, press and hold the Dictation key. Tap The Password Keeper icon.
  2. If you see The  fingerprint locked icon or The  locked icon at the top of the keyboard, is locked. To unlock it, scan your finger or tap the icon and type your password.
  3. To insert the login info for the record displayed at the top of the keyboard, tap The fill icon.
  4. To insert login info for a different password record, touch and hold The fill icon, and then tap the record you want.

Log in to a webpage using the built-in browser

If you save a website's login page in a password record, you can open that page inside and automatically fill in your username and password.
  1. In , tap a password record.
  2. Tap the
  3. In the
    Open website in
    pop-up, tap
    Password Keeper
  4. If the webpage that opens isn't the login page, navigate to the login page, then tap The more actions icon >
    Set as website
    , and then tap The more actions icon >
    Insert login info

Log in using copy-paste

  1. In , touch and hold a record.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • To copy the username for a record, tap The more actions icon >
      Copy Username
    • To copy the password for a record, tap The more actions icon >
      Copy Password
  3. To paste the username or password, touch and hold the field where you want to paste the information, and then tap
To copy the information in a field quickly, tap the record. Touch and hold the field that you want to copy, and then tap
To prevent other apps from accessing information that you copy, in Password Keeper, tap The more actions icon >
Clear copied text