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Change the
BlackBerry Password Keeper

  1. Tap The menu icon >
  2. Tap a settings category.

BlackBerry Password Keeper

Use dark theme
Change the app's color scheme to use a dark background.
Password color, Note color, List color
Change the accent color used for passwords, notes, and lists.
Show password
Make passwords visible in password records.
To show or hide a password in a field at any time, tap The hide icon or The show icon.
Confirm delete
Ask for confirmation before deleting a password.
Open websites in
Choose whether to open websites in the built-in browser or your default browser when you tap the website field in a password record.
Opening a website in the built-in browser automatically fills in your login info.
Clear copied text
Change how long copied text is available to paste.
Clear copied text on lock
Clear copied text automatically when
BlackBerry Password Keeper
Lock when minimized
BlackBerry Password Keeper
when you switch to another app or return to the home screen.
Use fingerprint
Use your fingerprint to unlock
BlackBerry Password Keeper
(only available if your device has a fingerprint scanner).
Be sure to remember your
BlackBerry Password Keeper
password. In some situations, you must use your password instead of your fingerprint.
Password reminder
If you are using your fingerprint to unlock
BlackBerry Password Keeper
, get prompted regularly for your password to ensure that you don't forget it.