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Change or delete an event

You can make changes to events you have created. For example, you can change the date, time, or location.
If you received an invitation to an event, you can change the privacy level for the event, your availability status, and add your own notes to the event description. You can also change the reminder time and, if your account allows it, add multiple reminders for the event.
  1. In the Calendar app, tap an event.
    • To change the event, tap The edit icon. Make your changes, and then tap the check mark.
    • To delete the event, tap The delete icon.
If you created an event, you can send an email to the event participants, or, if you're an event participant, you can send an email to the event organizer. To send an email, tap an event, and then tap 
Email guests
Email organizer
. Follow the instructions on the screen.