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Silence notifications when you're busy

When you turn on meeting mode, notifications are silenced during the times that appear as busy in your calendar. When the time in your calendar is free again, you start receiving notifications automatically.
By default, notifications are silenced during meetings that you accept, but you can change which events meeting mode applies to. For example, you can set meeting mode to apply to all events, including events that appear as free or tentatively accepted in your calendar.
  1. In the Calendar app, tap the gear icon. In the 
    General settings
     section, tap 
    Meeting defaults
    Meeting mode
  2. Turn on the 
    Meeting mode
  3. Do any of the following:
    • To turn off meeting mode for events in certain calendars, tap 
      Exclude calendars
      . Tap one or more calendars, and tap The back icon.
    • To change which events meeting mode applies to, tap 
      Apply to event types
      . Tap an option.
    • To change the maximum amount of time that meeting mode stays on, tap 
      Maximum event duration
      . Tap a time.