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Install the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to a Hyper-V Environment

Ten simple steps to install the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to a Hyper-V environment

Before you begin, review the hardware requirements for the connector, and ensure that you have permissions to deploy a VHD file and to create a connector image.

Screenshot of Software Downloads screen

1. Download the CylanceGATEWAY Connector VHD file

You can download the cylance-gateway-connector-dynamic<version>.vhd file from myAccount.

Screenshot of Hyper-V Manager homepage

2. Run Hyper-V Manager as an administrator

Screenshot of path to Virtual Machine button

3. Click Action > New > Virtual Machine

In the New Virtual Machine wizard, click Next.

Screenshot of Name field

4. Specify a name for the VM

Click Next.

Screenshot of generation options for the VM

5. Select Generation 1

Click Next.

Screenshot of the Assign Memory screen

6. Assign memory to the VM

The CylanceGATEWAY Connector requires a minimum of 5 GB memory.

Click Next.

Screenshot of Connection field

7. Select the appropriate connection

Click Next.

Screenshot of screen to add VHD file

8. Add the downloaded VHD file

Select the Use an existing virtual hard disk option and navigate to the VHD file that you downloaded.

Click Next.

Screenshot of the review stage of the wizard

9. Review the configuration settings

After you review the configuration settings, click Finish.

Screenshot of Start button for the connector

10. Start the connector

Screenshot of uploaded CylanceGATEWAY Connector in Hyper-V

That's it!

You have successfully installed the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to your Hyper-V environment.

For instructions on how to verify that the VHD file is installed correctly in the virtual environment, see Configure the CylanceGATEWAY Connector in the VM environment.

After you install the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to your Hyper-V environment, you must configure your firewall and enroll the CylanceGATEWAY Connector with the BlackBerry Infrastructure. For more information about setting up the CylanceGATEWAY Connector, see Setting up the CylanceGATEWAY Connector.