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Install the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to an ESXi Environment

Nine simple steps to install the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to an ESXi environment

Before you begin, review the hardware requirements for the connector, and ensure that you have permissions to deploy an OVF template into an ESXi environment.

Screenshot of Software Downloads screen

1. Download the CylanceGATEWAY Connector OVA file

You can download the cylance-gateway-connector-<version>.ova file from myAccount.

Screenshot of ESXi log in screen

2. Log in to the ESXi environmnet

Screenshot of Create VM button

3. Register a virtual machine

Right-click Virtual Machines and click Create/Register VM.

Screenshot of Select creation type screen

4. Click Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file

Click Next.

Screenshot of Select OVF and VMDK files screen

5. Upload the OVA file

Drag and drop the cylance-gateway-connector-<version>.ova file into the dialog box.

Type a name for the virtual machine, and click Next.

Screenshot of Select storage screen

6. Select the Standard storage type and a datastore

Click Next.

Screenshot of Deployment options screen

7. Select Thin for Disk provisioning

Screenshot of Additional settings screen

8. Optionally, specify VMWare properties

By default, the Use DHCP is enabled, and the connector uses automatically assigned IP addresses. If you want to configure the connector with a static IP address, you must clear the Use DHCP check box and provide the IP addresses for the following setting fields: 

  • IP address / Prefix Length: Specify the IP address and prefix that can be assigned to devices. 
  • Gateway: Specify the address for the network gateway/.
  • DNS: Specify the IP address for the DNS servers that you want to use. 

Click Next.

Screenshot of Ready to complete screen

9. Review the configuration settings

Click Finish.

Screenshot of installed CylanceGATEWAY Connector

That's it!

You have successfully installed the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to your ESXi environment.

For instructions on how to verify that the OVA file is installed correctly in the virtual environment, see Configure the CylanceGATEWAY Connector in the VM environment.

After you install the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to your ESXi environment, you must configure your firewall and enroll the CylanceGATEWAY Connector with the BlackBerry Infrastructure. For more information about setting up your connector, see Setting up the CylanceGATEWAY Connector