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Target groups

You can use the By Groups tab to target groups of users based on their membership in organizational hierarchical nodes or distribution lists. The alert is sent to users in the selected groups.
You can also block recipient groups (exclude them from alert delivery).
The Group target categories displayed are:
  • Organizational Hierarchy
    : If your system is set up for them
  • Distribution Lists
    : Static and dynamic
  • Targetable Attributes
    : Any attributes that have been selected as targeting criteria
The administrator can restrict the contents of these categories for each publisher. For example, a publisher might have permission to view only one of four organizational hierarchies.
  1. In the
    Target Users
    section, click
    By Groups
  2. In the
    field, select the check box next to each group or distribution list that you want to target.
    If you select a group or distribution list that contains sub-groups or sub-distribution lists, those are automatically selected, too. However, you can manually deselect any of them by clicking the check box next to its name. If you select all of the sub-groups or sub-distribution lists manually, the parent group or distribution list is not selected automatically.
    The presence of a black square (or a black hyphen if you are using Google Chrome) in a check box indicates that some of its sub-groups or sub-distribution lists have been selected and some have not.