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Configure default activation settings

  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    Settings > General settings > Activation defaults
  2. In the
    Device activation defaults
    section, specify the activation password and
    QR Code
  3. If you want
    BlackBerry UEM
    to notify a user with an email message each time a device is activated on their account, select the
    Send device activated notification
    check box.
  4. To allow users to activate
    BlackBerry Dynamics
    apps with a
    QR Code
    , in the
    Default BlackBerry Dynamics app control
    section, select the
    Use QR codes to unlock BlackBerry Dynamics apps
    check box. For more information, see Generate access keys, activation passwords, or QR Codes for BlackBerry Dynamics apps.
  5. To simplify the way that users activate their mobile devices, in the
    BlackBerry Infrastructure
    section, select the
    Turn on registration with the BlackBerry Infrastructure
    check box. If you clear this option, users will be asked to provide the server address for
    when they activate their devices.
  6. To import or export a list of approved device IDs, in the
    Import or export device IDs
    section, click
    . Navigate to and select the .csv file that contains a list of approved device IDs. For more information see Import or export a list of approved device IDs.
  7. Click