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Activating devices with
BlackBerry UEM

When you or a user activates a device, the device is associated with
BlackBerry UEM
. This allows you to manage and assign configurations to devices, and it gives users access to work data on their devices.
When a device is activated, you can send IT policies and profiles to control and configure features and manage the security of work data. You can also assign apps for the user to install. Depending on how much control the selected activation type allows, you may also be able to protect the device by restricting access to certain data, remotely setting passwords, locking the device, or deleting data.
You can assign activation types to accommodate the requirements of devices that are owned by your organization and devices that are owned by users. Different activation types give you different degrees of control over the work and personal data on devices, ranging from full control over all data to specific control over work data only.
To set up
to allow users to activate devices, perform the following actions:
Step 1
For each device that you want to activate, verify that a
license is available. For
, and
devices, verify that the latest version of the
BlackBerry UEM Client
is installed on the device from the appropriate app store.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7