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Enable the
service to use a global catalog with
Skype for Business

The instructions in this topic use the environment to configure the
service to use a global catalog and applies to an environment that is configured for
Skype for Business
on-premises servers using trusted application mode. If you installed the
service on multiple servers, complete this task on each computer that is running the
  1. In a text editor, open the LyncPresenceProviderService.exe.config file. By default, the file is located in
    >:\Program Files\BlackBerry\BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server\Good Presence
  2. In the <appSettings> section of the file, locate the following values:
    • <addkey = "AD_USERS_SOURCE" value= "" />
    • <addkey = "AD_USERS_SOURCE_DOMAIN" value="" />
  3. Update the values as required for your environment. For example, if your environment ( requires access to a global catalog, complete the following steps:
    1. In the value double quotation marks of the <addkey = "AD_USERS_SOURCE" value= "" /> key, enter
    2. In the value double quotation marks of the <addkey = "AD_USERS_SOURCE_DOMAIN" value="" /> key, enter the distinguished domain name using
      or the fully qualified domain name using
      . Make sure that you use the the distinguished name of the domain. For more information, see Understanding the BEMS-Connect configuration file.
      The following example shows the LyncPresenceProviderService.exe.config file configured to access a global catalog:
      . . <!-- valid values are: GC - Global Catalog; LDAP - Active Directory (default) --> <add key="AD_USERS_SOURCE" value="GC" /> <!-- valid values are: "DC=GOOD,DC=COM" - GC/AD at (example only, change to your domain); No value attribute (default) - Domain the Good Presence resides; --> <add key="AD_USERS_SOURCE_DOMAIN" value="DC=EXAMPLE,DC=COM" /> . .
  4. In the
    Manager, restart the
    Good Technology Presence