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Turn on user correlation

By default, the data collected by 
BlackBerry Analytics
 is anonymous and is not linked to specific user accounts. If you want to correlate data with the activity of user accounts, you can turn on user correlation in the 
BlackBerry Analytics
 portal. When this option is enabled, all user generated analytics data will include a 
BlackBerry Analytics
 container ID that serves as a unique identifier for user accounts.
  1. In the 
    BlackBerry Analytics
     portal, in the left pane, click 
  2. Select the 
    Include a unique BlackBerry Dynamics Container ID with each active user’s activity logs for the purpose of deanonymizing analytics data
     check box.
When you export the data from 
BlackBerry Analytics
, the container ID information is stored in the User App Details.csv file. Note that the container ID does not identify the user directly. You must use the BlackBerry Web Services APIs for 
BlackBerry UEM
 or the Good Control SOAP APIs for standalone 
Good Control
 to retrieve the user’s email address using the container ID (GET/{tenantGuid}/api/v1/users in 
BlackBerry Web Services
 REST, getUser API in 
BlackBerry Web Services
 SOAP and 
Good Control
 SOAP). For more information, see the getting started blogs for making web services calls to UEM and for making web services calls to Good Control.