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Create a persistent chat category

Categories determine which users can create or join group discussions. Users can be members of multiple categories. 
  • Verify that persistent chat is enabled in your 
    Microsoft Lync Server
     2013 or 
    Skype for Business
     2015 environment. For instructions, see your 
    Microsoft Lync Server
    Skype for Business
  • Make sure that you have permissions to create categories on the 
    Microsoft Lync Server
    Skype for Business
     2015 server.
  1. Make sure to select the following category permissions: 
    • Enable invitations
    • Enable File upload
    • Enable Chat history
  2. In the 
     section, complete the following membership information:
    • Allowed members
      : Add all users and user groups that users might want to add as managers and members in a group discussion. 
    • Creators
      : Add all users to allow users to create group discussions.