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What is
BlackBerry Access

BlackBerry Access
is a secure browser that allows users to access your organization's intranet and business applications through the work firewall, without using a VPN, on
, and
BlackBerry Access
is part of the suite of
BlackBerry Dynamics
mobile productivity apps. You deploy and manage
BlackBerry Access
BlackBerry UEM
or a standalone
Good Control
server. Both solutions give you the ability to configure app settings to meet the needs and standards of your organization.
The features offered by
BlackBerry Access
Secures data
BlackBerry Access
secures work web apps in containers, ensuring that data is protected and never leaves your organization's control. All browsing data is encrypted with industry-leading FIPS-validated AES encryption, and
BlackBerry Access
uses PAC file URLs to route work data securely.
User authentication
BlackBerry Access
leverages standard user authentication methods, including SSL, NTLM, and TLS, and supports credential persistence.
BlackBerry Access
also supports single sign-on with
Constrained Delegation across realms and
soft token generation.
Intuitive browser features
BlackBerry Access
provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to download content, set bookmarks, and browse in multiple tabs.
BlackBerry Access for iOS
also captures and saves web clips, and allows users to view streaming video with intuitive player controls.
App deployment
BlackBerry Access
supports pop-ups that streamline the deployment of web apps, including
Cisco WebEx
, and custom-developed apps. You can deploy your organization's HTML5 desktop apps securely, and can provide users with offline access to those apps.
Remote commands
If a user's device is compromised (for example, lost or stolen), you can remotely delete browser data, lock the app, or wipe device data.
Integration with other apps
BlackBerry Access for Windows
BlackBerry Access for macOS
also provide users with access to
BlackBerry Work
to access their mail, calendars, and contacts from within the secure browser.