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Troubleshoot issues using devtools

You can use
Google Chrome
Developer Tools to help you troubleshoot the
BlackBerry Access
If your access is blocked by your administrator, the
BlackBerry Access
browser is not available in
Google Chrome
developer tools.
  • Verify that
    BlackBerry Access
    for desktop is enabled for developer mode by your administrator.
  • Verify that
    Google Chrome
    version 32 or later installed is on your computer.
  • Verify that
    BlackBerry Access
    is installed and activated on your device.
  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. On your device, open the
    BlackBerry Access
    app and navigate to a web address.
  3. On your desktop, open
    Google Chrome
  4. Complete one of the following tasks:
    • On a computer running a
      operating system, click the overflow menu
      > More tools > Developer tools
    • On a computer running macOS, on the menu, click
      View > Develop > Developer Tools
  5. In the
    section, click the device that is connected to the computer.
  6. On the
    Remote devices
    tab, the following information is listed:
    • The
      BlackBerry Access
    • Open web address tabs
  7. You can perform the following tests:
    Reload the web address in the open tab
    Click the overflow menu
    > Reload
    Change focus to another tab
    Beside the web address that you want to switch focus to, click the overflow menu
    > Focus
    Close a tab
    Beside the web address that you want to close, click the overflow menu
    > Close
    Open a new tab
    1. In the
      New tab
      field, type the web address you want to open.
    2. Click
    Open a debug window for a web address
    Beside the web address that you want to debug, click
    You can view browser error messages that might be present and browser elements.