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2.0 Release Notes

To download the
virtual appliance (OVA) or upgrade package, visit myAccount. For more information, visit to read article 71037.

New in this release

  • Email notifications
    : You can now enable email notifications to alert administrators when a threat is detected.
  • CSV file import
    : You can now import a .csv file that contains a list of certificates that have been added to the global safe list or global quarantine list. This ability supports potential migration from
    Cylance Endpoint Security
    or customers who use multiple instance of
  • Device control read-only
    : In the Device Control policy, you can now enable the following USB devices as Read-Only:
    • Still Image
    • USB Drive
    • VMware
      USB Passthrough
    • Windows
      Portable Device

Fixed Issues

You had to wait for about ten seconds after deleting a policy rule before you could save the policy rule. (VL-2990)

Known Issues

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new for this release.
* In the SMTP settings, the “No encryption” option works the same way as the “Automatic detection of TLS support” option. For example, if you select the "No encryption" option but the SMTP server can use TLS encryption, then
tries to use TLS encryption. (VL-3156)
* If you have configured
to use LDAP, when the LDAP server does not respond to a user log in, an NGINX 504 Gateway timeout error might display. (VL-3107)
: Fix the LDAP server to respond correctly to log in attempts, or log in as a local user.
In the Device Events page, one of the column headings is truncated. It displays as LAST REPORTED USE instead of LAST REPORTED USER. (VL-2993)