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Install the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to an AWS Environment

Eleven simple steps to install the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to an environment

Before you install the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to an AWS environment, review the hardware requirements and verify the following:

Screenshot of Software Downloads screen

1. Download the CylanceGATEWAY Connector VMDK file

You can download the cylance-gateway-connector-aws-<version>.vmdk file from myAccount.

Screenshot of Sign in screen for AWS

2. Sign in to the AWS management console

To sign in to the portal, go to

Screenshot of the Upload button in an S3 bucket

3. Upload the VMDK file to an S3 bucket

Ensure that you have an existing S3 bucket. If necessary, create an S3 bucket.

Screenshot of Import image button

4. Import the AMI using the AWS console

Open the EC2 Image Builder service and click Images. On the Import image screen, complete the following fields:

  • Type a name and version for the CylanceGATEWAY Connector.
  • In the Base image operating system section, select Ubuntu and set the OS version to Ubuntu 20.
  • In the VM import configuration, set the Source to S3 bucket and browse to the S3 bucket where you uploaded VMDK file to.
  • Select the appropriate IAM service role that will be used during the import process. For more information about the permissions that are required to import the AMI, see Required permissions for VM Import/Export and Importing a VM as an image using VM Import/Export.

Click Import image. It can take up to 30 minutes to import the image.


5. Record the image ID of the imported image file

On the Images screen, click the version of the imported AMI. On the Image build versions screen, click the version. In the Output resources section, record the AMI image ID.

Screenshot of the path to the Launch instances button

6. Launch an instance

Open the EC2 service and click Instances. Select your AMI file and click Launch Instances.

On the Launch an instance screen, type a name for the CylanceGATEWAY Connector instance.

Screenshot of the Application and OS Images section

7. Edit the Application and OS images (Amazon Machine Image) section

Click the My AMIs tab and ensure that Owned by me is selected. In the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) field, paste the AMI ID that you recorded.

Screenshot of instance type and Key pair sections

8. Select an instance type and a key pair

Note that you must select an AWS Nitro System instance type to use the EC2 serial console to connect to the CylanceGATEWAY Connector.

The key pair is required by the AWS instance creation form, but it is disregarded by the CylanceGATEWAY Connector.

Screenshot of the Network settings section

9. Edit the Network settings section

Click Edit and specify the following settings:

  • VPC: select your private network.
  • Auto-assign public IP: optionally, select Enable. You must assign a public IP address to the CylanceGATEWAY Connector only if you do not have a way to access the connector's web interface using the private network that it is installed on.
  • Select or create a security group according to your organization’s requirements.
Screenshot of Launch instance button

10. Click Launch instance

Screenshot of a successfully installed connector

That's it!

You have successfully installed the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to your AWS environment.

After you install the CylanceGATEWAY Connector to your AWS environment, you must configure your firewall and enroll the CylanceGATEWAY Connector with the BlackBerry Infrastructure. For more information about setting up your connector, see Setting up the CylanceGATEWAY Connector