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Sign in to 
BlackBerry Workspaces

If you already have a 
BlackBerry Workspaces
 account, sign in to 
BlackBerry Workspaces
 to access your files.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click the link in the mail that you received from 
      BlackBerry Workspaces
      The sign in page opens in your default browser.
    • If you know the 
      BlackBerry Workspaces Web Application
       URL for the organization you want to sign in to, in your browser, enter the URL.
      For many users this is ( is the cloud service URL.) If your organization uses a virtual appliance to host the 
      BlackBerry Workspaces
       service or your organization has its own dedicated sub-domain on the 
      BlackBerry Workspaces
       cloud, the URL will be different (for example, 
  2. Enter your email address and click 
    Sign in
    The authentication method for your organization is determined.
Refer to the following sections for instructions on how to complete the sign in process:
  • If your organization is configured for sign in by email, sign in using your email address. Go to Sign in using your email address.
  • If your organization is configured for sign in by username and password, sign in using your username and password. Go to Sign in with username and password
  • If your organization is configured for any other authentication method, follow the steps on screen to sign in.