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Send a connect request to another organization

  1. In the navigation bar, click
    All Organizations
  2. On the
    All Organizations
    page, click
    to add an organization as a connection to your network.
  3. On the
    Connection Request
    screen, select any of the following alerting options:
    • Send Alerts
      : You can send alerts to the organization.
    • Receive Alerts
      : You can receive alerts from the organization.
    If you want to modify these choices later, you can change the connect agreement.
  4. Enter custom text to provide a personal invitation to join your network. The custom text can provide information about your organization and the purpose of connection.
  5. Click
    Send Request
    . The connection appears in the Organizations list with the The Connect Request Pending icon to show that an invitation is pending.
When you send a connect request, the Connect invitation template is triggered. Go to
Alert Templates
Connection Invitation
to modify the recipients who will receive the connection invitation.
If the receiving organization accepts the invitation, a connect agreement is created, based on the choices made in the invitation.
If your organization has set up incoming alerts to trigger an alert template, you can see invitations on the Sent Alerts screen.