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Data flow: Activating an
, or
Windows 10

Diagram showing the steps and components mentioned in the following data flow.
  1. You perform the following actions:
    1. Add a user to
      BlackBerry UEM Cloud
      as a local user account or, if you installed the
      BlackBerry Connectivity Node
      , using the account information retrieved from your company directory.
    2. Assign an activation profile to the user.
    3. Depending on the device type and your organization's preferences, use one of the following options to provide the user with activation details:
      • Automatically generate a device activation password and, optionally, a QR code, and send an email message with activation instructions for the user.
      • Set a device activation password and communicate the username and password to the user directly or by email.
      • Don't set a device activation password and communicate the
        BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
        address to the user so that they can set their own activation password or view a QR code.
  2. The user performs the following actions:
    1. If activating an
      device, downloads and installs the
      BlackBerry UEM Client
    2. Enters their activation username and password or scans the QR code on their device.
  3. The device sends an activation request to
    BlackBerry UEM
  4. BlackBerry UEM Cloud
    verifies the user's activation credentials and sends the activation details to the device, including device configuration information.
  5. The device receives the activation details from
    BlackBerry UEM Cloud
    and completes the configuration. The device then sends confirmation to
    BlackBerry UEM Cloud
    that the activation was successful.