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Data flow: Activating a 

Diagram showing the steps and components mentioned in the following data flow.
  1.  You perform the following actions:
    1. Add the user to 
      BlackBerry UEM Cloud
       as a local user account or, if you installed the 
      BlackBerry Connectivity Node
      , using the account information retrieved from your company directory.
    2. Assign an activation profile to the user.
    3. Make sure that the user has the login information for 
      BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
      , including:
      • Web address for 
        BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
      • Username and password
      • Domain name
  2. The user logs in to 
    BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
     on their 
     device and activates the device.
  3. The device sends an activation request to 
    BlackBerry UEM Cloud
  4. BlackBerry UEM Cloud
     verifies the activation credentials and sends the activation details to the device, including device configuration information.
  5. The device receives the activation details from 
    BlackBerry UEM Cloud
     and completes the configuration. The device then sends confirmation to 
    BlackBerry UEM Cloud
     that the activation was successful.