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Profiles reference -

The following table lists all
BlackBerry UEM
profiles supported on
Profile name
Specifies the device activation settings for users, such as the activation type and the number and types of devices.
BlackBerry Dynamics
Allows devices to access
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps such as
BlackBerry Work
BlackBerry Access
, and
BlackBerry Connect
App lock mode
Specify a single app to run on devices.
Samsung Knox
devices activated with MDM only
Enterprise Management Agent
Specifies when devices connect to
BlackBerry UEM
for app or configuration updates when a push notification is not available.
Defines the device conditions that are not acceptable in your organization and sets enforcement actions.
Compliance (
BlackBerry Dynamics
This is a read-only profile that displays the compliance settings that were imported from
Good Control
into an on-premises
BlackBerry UEM
Device SR requirements
Defines the software release versions that devices must have installed and specifies an update period for apps that are running in the foreground.
Email, calendar, and contacts
Specifies how devices connect to a work mail server and synchronize email messages, calendar entries, and organizer data using Exchange ActiveSync or IBM Notes Traveler.
IMAP/POP3 email
Specifies how devices connect to an IMAP or POP3 mail server, and how to synchronize email messages.
Specifies the
Microsoft Exchange
servers to use for automatic gatekeeping.
Networks and connections
Specifies how devices connect to a work Wi-Fi network.
Specifies how devices connect to a work VPN.
Specifies how devices use a proxy server to access web services on the Internet or a work network.
Enterprise connectivity
Specifies how devices can connect to your organization’s resources using enterprise connectivity. For
Android Enterprise
Samsung Knox Workspace
devices, the enterprise connectivity profile specifies whether devices can use
BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus
BlackBerry Dynamics
Defines the network connections, Internet domains, IP address ranges, and app servers that devices can connect to when using
BlackBerry Dynamics
BlackBerry 2FA
Enables two-factor authentication for users and specifies the configuration of the preauthentication and self-rescue features.
Access Point Name profile
Allows you to specify APNs for devices to use to connect to carriers.
Microsoft Intune
app protection
Allows you to manage apps protected by
Microsoft Intune
Location service
Allows you to request the location of devices and view the approximate locations on a map.
Do not disturb
Allows you to block
BlackBerry Work for Android
notifications during off-work days and hours that you define.
Allows you to configure the information that displays on devices.
CA certificate
Specifies a CA certificate that devices can use to establish trust with a work network or server.
Shared certificate
Specifies a client certificate that devices can use to authenticate users with a work network or server.
User credential
Specifies the CA connection that devices use to obtain a client certificate that is used to authenticate with a work network or server.
Specifies the SCEP server that devices use to obtain a client certificate that is used to authenticate with a work network or server.
Specifies the CRL configurations that
BlackBerry UEM
can use to check the status of certificates.
devices powered by
Certificate mapping profile
Specifies which client certificates apps must use