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Add a storage service

is installed with support for a number of storage service providers. Complete this task when you need to use a service that is not displayed, or your environment requires customized storage service settings.
  1. In the
    BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server Dashboard
    , under
    BlackBerry Services Configuration
    , click
  2. Click
    . A list of storage providers is displayed.
  3. Click
    New Storage
  4. In the
    Storage name
    field, type a name for the storage.
  5. In the
    Storage provider
    drop-down list, select a service provider. For more information about storage services and when each storage provider should be used, see Storage services.
  6. In the
    Authentication Provider
    drop-down list, select an authentication provider. For information about authentication providers and the storage provider that each can be used for, see Authentication providers
  7. To make the storage available on user devices, select the select the
    Enable Storage
    It may take up to an hour or a restart of the apps for storage changes to take effect on user devices. It may take up to five minutes for the changes to take effect on the server. Enabling and disabling storage providers on this page affects what storage resources are visible at any given time for users, but has no such impact on the server. If this option is not selected, users can't access the fileshare and receive the following error message on the device:
    Data sources could not be retrieved. Unable to connect to the server
Add repositories in the storage provider. For instructions, see Managing Repositories