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Enable server affinity for 
BlackBerry Work

When a distributed computer system is load balanced, each request is routed to a different server. This load balancing approach is diminished when server affinity techniques are applied. If you set affinity, it takes precedence.
  1. In 
    Good Control
    , under 
    , click 
    Policy Sets
  2. Click the policy you want to apply.
  3. Click the 
  4. Expand 
    App Specific Policies
  5. Click 
    BlackBerry Work
    Good Control
  6. Click the 
  7. Under 
    Preferred Docs Server Configuration
    , in the 
    Server Hosts
     field, type the FQDN of the computer that hosts 
     and a colon followed by port 8443. For example, <
    FQDN of the GEMS server
    You can add additional preferred servers. Each server you add must be separated with a comma and no spaces.
  8. Click 
  9. Repeat steps 1 to 6 for each policy that you want to use with the