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Fetch a bookmark

The following is sample code for retrieving a single bookmark. In this example, the application is retrieving the bookmark for ID 204996f57b552ff58e43cebe03f6f58de, Example 1 from Create and updated multiple bookmarks.
GET jsonstore/bookmarks/read/"204996f57b552ff58e43cebe03f6f58de" Content-Type: application/json X-Good-GD-AuthToken: "<
>" X-Good-GEMS-Scope:USER
returns a single bookmark that matches the ID specified.
{ "id": "204996f57b552ff58e43cebe03f6f58de", "lastModifiedTime": 1484673689436, "payload": "{\"title\":\"example 1\",\"body\":\"http://news.example1.com\"}" }