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 folder listing and metadata output

StoragePath is only returned for libraries with flat views and for the Shared With Me library. The storagePath value is the actual path in 
Microsoft SharePoint
, which might be different from the folder whose content is listed. If storagePath returned is present and not empty, it must be included as a URL parameter in subsequent REST API calls that act on the folder or document.
[ { "folderCount":1, "etag":"d839a970‐325e‐3ccd‐8f4b‐7df03fb939cb", "created":1383141704000, "subtype":"folder", "name":"Larry's Documents", "type":"folder", "fileCount":3, "url":"'sDocuments" "storagePath":"" }, { "checkoutRequired":0, "etag":"3009d45b‐7af4‐3c0e‐9940‐365872f513b7", "created":1377095293000, "currentVersionId":"3584", "checkoutType":[ ], "name":"1.txt", "versionId":"3584", "isCheckout":0, "type":"file", "url":"", "version":"7.0", "size":13, "modified":1410389577000 "storagePath":"" }, { "checkoutRequired":0, "etag":"210fbffd‐fdef‐3cee‐9af3‐8a3b43775db6", "created":1377702468000, "currentVersionId":"512", "checkoutType":[ ], "name":"ViewPG_iPhoneOS.pdf", "versionId":"512", "isCheckout":0, "type":"file", "url":"", "version":"1.0", "size":5751793, "modified":1377702468000 "storagePath":"" } ]