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ViewScope specifies the scope for returning list items and list folders in a list view. ViewScope includes the following values:
  • Default
  • Recursive (value for flat views)
  • RecursiveAll
  • FilesOnly
For more information about ViewScope enumeration, visit the 
 Developer Network
 and see ViewScope enumeration.
{ "name":"Shared Documents", "etag":"7420bc71‐d5d6‐3c9d‐9ce5‐062708183da4", "url":" Documents", "created":"2014-05-01T18:46:09.000+0000", "modified":"2014-07-31T01:32:17.000+0000", "displayName":"Documents", "views":[ { "name":"All Documents", "default":false, "scope":"Default" }, { "name":"DannCustomView", "default":true, "scope":"Recursive" } ], "type":"folder", "subtype":"list" }