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Create a folder or subfolder

You can create folders and subfolders in the user's contact folder. The ParentFolderId is optional. When it is not provided and a  folder is created, the folder appears in the user's contact folder. In the following sample code, the folder called "Support folder" is created as a subfolder in the specified ParentFolderId. 
POST https://localhost:8443/api/folder/create HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: application/json X-Good-GD-AuthToken: <GDAuthToken> { "FolderName": "Support folder", "ParentFolderId":"AQMkADk0YzU4MjdkLWU1YjktNGE0OC1iZDczLWJjOTEyYjE2M..." }
If the request is successful,
returns a 201 HTTP response code that the contact folder is successfully created.
If a folder with the same name exists in the parent folder,
returns a 200 HTTP response code and the folder is not saved.
{ "ErrorMessage": "Support folder" already exists in this directory" }