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Request contacts using an email address and preset properties

You can retrieve contacts from a user's contact folder, or folders and subfolders that the user created in the mailbox using multiple properties (for example, retrieve a user based on their email address and include the preset Detail properties for the contact). In this example, the response includes one contact and MoreAvailable is false. If more than 512 contacts are identified, the response indicates that MoreAvailable is true, and the client sends additional requests to retrieve contacts in batches until MoreAvailable is false. If the client provides a FolderId,
retrieves the contacts from the specific folder.
POST https://localhost:8443/api/contact HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: application/json X-Good-GD-AuthToken: <
> { "Account": "", "ByEmail":"", "MaxNumber": 512, "Offset": 0, "UserShape": ["Details"], "FolderId": "AQMkADk0YzU4MjdkLWU1YjktNGE0OC1iZDczKI0Kuc7BmRwA..."" (optional) }
If the request is successful,
returns the following response, and the third-party
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps display the following information for contacts with the email address If a property is not available,
returns a null value and the information is not included in the response. In this example, the following information is displayed for Jane Doe:
  • DisplayName
  • GivenName
  • Surname
  • FullName
  • EmailAddress
{ "LookupInfo": { "MoreAvailable": false, "TotalCount": 1, "NextPageOffset": null, "Size": 1, "Offset": 0 }, "Contacts": [{ "CompleteName": { "Title": null, "GivenName": "Jane", "Surname": Doe, "FullName": "Jane Doe", "Nickname": null, "YomiGivenName": null, "YomiSurname": null }, "DisplayName": "Jane Doe", "EmailAddress": "", "GivenName": "Jane", "UniqueId" : "AAMkADg2Y2IxMzAwLWJmZmYtNGJjMi1iN..." }, ] }