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Update a contact's list information

You can update information for a contact using specific properties. In the following sample code, BEMS updates the contact information for NewContact Last in the user's contact folder. The client sends the UniqueID for the contact to update. When a contact is updated, the client sends all of the values for the contact to
, whether the values were modified or not. If the client provides a ParentFolderID,
updates the contact in the specified folder.
In this example, the contact is updated with their work information. The new and existing information is sent to
for updating.
  • Job title
  • Department
  • Middle name
  • Mobile phone
  • Home phone
  • Business phone
  • Email address
  • Company name
POST https://localhost:8443/api/contact/update HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: application/json X-Good-GD-AuthToken: <
> { "UniqueId": "AAMkADY2ZjRkY2E2LWY0ZDQtNGU3Ni1hMjk3LTAwM....", "FirstName": "NewContact", "LastName": "Last", "MiddleName": "Middle", "MobilePhone": "519-555-1234", "HomePhone": "519-555-4567", "BusinessPhone": "519-555-7890", "EmailAddress1": "NewContact.Last@blackberry.com", "EmailAddress2": "NewContact.Last2@blackberry.com", "Work": { "JobTitle": "Manager", "Department": "Development", "Company": "BlackBerry", "Office": "Home" }, "FolderId": "AQMkADk0YzU4MjdkLWU1YjktNGE0OC1iZDczKI0Kuc7BmRwA..."" (optional) }
If the request is successful,
returns a 200 HTTP response code that the contact is successfully updated.