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Direct Connect
 using port forwarding

  • Configure a public DNS entry for each 
    BlackBerry Connectivity Node
     server (for example,,, and so on).
  • Configure the external firewall to allow inbound connections on port 17533 and to forward that port to each 
    BlackBerry Connectivity Node
  • If the 
    BlackBerry Connectivity Node
     instances are installed in a DMZ, ensure that the appropriate ports are open between each 
    BlackBerry Connectivity Node
     and any application servers that the 
    BlackBerry Dynamics
     apps need to access (for example, 
    Microsoft Exchange
    , internal web servers, and the 
    BlackBerry UEM Core
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click 
    Settings > BlackBerry Dynamics
  2. Click 
    Direct Connect
  3. Click a 
    BlackBerry Proxy
  4. To turn on 
    Direct Connect
    , select the 
    Turn on Direct Connect
     check box. In the 
    BlackBerry Proxy host name
     field, verify that the host name is correct. If the public DNS entry you created is different from the FQDN of the server, specify the external FQDN instead. 
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all 
    BlackBerry Proxy
     instances in the cluster.
    To enable only some 
    BlackBerry Proxy
     instances for 
    Direct Connect
    , create a new 
    BlackBerry Proxy
     cluster. All servers in a cluster must have the same configuration. For more information, see Manage BlackBerry Proxy clusters in the Configuration content.
  6. Click